Our Story

Our Story


I guess it must have started when I was little.  Watching my dad lift weights in the weight room he created in our home.  He has worked out all his life.  I guess that is probably why I enjoy it so much.  I was always active in sports through high school, so being active just comes natural for me.  When I finally got my own family and home it continued.  In-home workouts were just what we did.  Every afternoon we would move the furniture around in our small house so that my girls and I could get some kind of cardio in before their dad came home from work.  I coached summer ball league for my kids for about 14 years.  I truly enjoyed that part of my life. I loved the coaching and the kids but also the fitness aspect of it.  Teaching them it isn’t all about the game.  Sometimes it is just about having fun and being better than we were yesterday.

It was in 2012 this fitness center journey started.  My husband and I went on a cruise.  We were bored out of our minds so everyday we would go to the small gym on the cruise ship and workout. (Mind you, My husband does not workout. EVER) Everyday I would say to him. “This is what I want.  I want to build a gym”.  He looked at me and said, “Well build one!”  That was it.  That was the beginning.  So when we returned home we search for property in this small community of 1100 people. We found one, Bought it and began our journey.  All in 4 weeks.  By the first part of February 2012 we were breaking ground.  I drew up and designed every blue print to scale.  Every piece of equipment to scale so I knew exactly where everything would go and where was the best possible location for it to be in the gym.  

Fast forward 6 years,  We have 4000 sq ft of fitness center and we have added on a 2400 sq ft class room for me to coach all my students. I have taken several hundred hours of education in person and online.  I want to be the best coach I can. 

We have selectorized weight machines, free weight stations, treadmills, ellipticals, row machine, stair stepper, various fitness classes (including TRX, kickboxing, cycling, Barbell Pump, Zumba and Piloxing  just to name a few).    We have various payment programs including discounts for Seniors, Couples and Annual memberships. All gym members get discounted classes.

At Beaird Fitness, our main goal is to help you move better.  We strive to create a comfortable and safe workout environment. We teach you correct posture and form to make your workouts more productive and to reduce injury.  Form over reps and speed at all times.